Tommy Glenn Carmichael number 4 of Gamblers who Hustled a Casino

Tommy Glenn Carmichael number 4 of Gamblers who Hustled a Casino

Tommy Glenn Carmichael number 4 of Gamblers who Hustled a CasinoAt number 4 of gamblers who hustled a casino we have Tommy Glenn Carmichael that also was invented clever devices to get a huge edge on the casinos. Carmichaels casino game was slots and he had a motto that was “Give me a slot machine and I’ll beat it”. Carmichael are in some circles considered to be the biggest slot machine hustler of all time and he have sent shockwaves through the whole slot machine industry.

How it all began

In 1980 Carmichael ran into an old friend in Carmichaels repair shop. The friend wanted Carmichael to take a look at his slot machine. What Carmichael then saw was that the slot machine was equipped with a top-bottom joint.Now at the age of 30 Carmichael used his new knowledge to hustle casinos in Vegas. He had built a simple device from a piece of metal that produced payouts when inserted into the coin slot. On the very first day at “work” he walked away with 35$.He continued his work but soon casinos replaced their old slots with newer ones. He then moved on to smaller casinos near the Vegas strip but eventually got arrested and sentenced to 5 years in jail.

Carmichaels next move

The time in jail didnt stop Carmichael, it just strengthened him as he became friend with Mike Balsamo. They started to work together on how to go on with Carmichael scam when the got out. They both got released in 1987 but nothing was the same. All the slot machines now used microprocessors to create random numbers.Carmichael eventually figured it all out and created a divice he called the Monkey Paw from guitar strings and wire. With this device he pressed a switch in the slot machine and the machine would release coins at a quick rate.In 1991 the slot machines got even more advanced as they became computer-based and Carmichaels Monkey Paw became useless.

What Then Happened

Now Carmichael tricked a slot machine company that he wanted to buy their slots for a casino and had the salesperson open up one of the machines and let Carmichael study it. He now got what he needed to create his next tool to hustle the casinos called the “Light Wand”. With this device he could shine a light at a sensor inside the new slots that tricked the machine to make larger payouts. It was almost impossible for security to detect this scam and Carmichael even started to sell his cheating device and now he was making as much as 10.000$ a day.Carmichael got arrested in 1996 when he was caught using his magic wand but the charges where dropped. This was the beginning of the end for Carmichael and he got arrested teice in the next three years using his device. When FBI became involved Carmichaels phone was taped and he was caught conversing with other illegal gamblers. In 2001 he was sentenced to 326 days in jail and 3 years probation.He also was put on Nevada´s Black List which mean he cant enter a single casino in the state of Nevada

What does Carmichael do today?

Today Carmichael works as a consult to casinos and he works on a anti-cheating device. It´s called the Protector as it´s said that this device is able to block any other cheating devices.There are no doubt that Tommy Glenn Carmichael has made a huge impact on the whole slot machine industry.
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