Ron Harris number 8 Gambler who Hustled a Casino

Ron Harris number 8 Gambler who Hustled a Casino

Ron Harris number 9 Gambler who Hustled a CasinoRonald Dale Harris manage to hustle many casinos with his own style in the early 1990s.
He worked for the Nevada Gaming Control Board and was responsible for finding flaws and gaffes in the software that runs computerized casino games. With his expertise and the access to the source code he modified specific slot machines to make them pay out huge wins when a specific sequence and number of coins were inserted.

Ron Harris and his accomplice stole thousands of dollars from different Las Vegas Casinos between 1990-1995. This casino scam became undetected and has been named one on the most brilliant in the casino history.

What Went Wrong

In 1995 Ron Harris changed his focus from slot machines to Keno. He developed a program that could determine which number the random generator would select beforehand.

When Rons partner Reid Errol McNeal in 1995 won around 100.000 $ at Bally’s Park Place Casino Resort in Atlantic City the casino got suspicious as Reid didn´t show any emotions and didn´t even had an identification with him. He also insisted to be paid in cash.

When gaming officials arrived to the casino they went up to Reids room with to police officers. In the hotelroom they found Ron Harris. He told them that he only was a friend but when the officials return back down and asked Reid who he was he told them the whole story that Ron was a computer technician for the Nevada Gaming Control Board. The police then stormed the hotel room but Ron was gone. They found computers and notes of how to beat a random number generator.

How did he do it?

Ron Harris had used his intelligence and brilliance together with all the inside knowledge he had gain over the years in the casinos.

He then got access to Bally´s random number generator and with his own designed computer program he duplicated the calculations that the actual machine made. He now knew which numbers that he should put on his Keno ticket and gave them to his partner.

Legal Actions on Ron Harris

After long investigations Harris was arrested in Nevada and got sentenced to 7 years in prison. He only served two years and was then released.
Ron Harris now lives in Las Vegas and is listed in the Nevada Gaming Control Board’s black book and can´t enter a single casino in Las Vegas.

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