Richard Marcus number 3 of Gamblers who Hustled a Casino

Richard Marcus number 3 of Gamblers who Hustled a Casino

We are down to the top 3 of our list of Casino Hustlers. Richard Marcus takes place as the 2nd runner up for his what can sound easy scam. With a very solid technique he switched the chips on a roulett table an managed to get away with over 5.000.000 $. We will tell you all about how he did it:

The Story of Richard Marcus

Marcus was born in New York and has probably lived all over the world. He consider his work as a con artist inside casinos to be true art. When Marcus first came to Las Vegas he was just a gambler who wanted some action at the tables. He soon became an addict an found himself living under a bridge. Richard Marcus number 3 of Gamblers who Hustled a CasinoEventually he got his act together and got a job as a black jack dealer. It was now it all began, now on the other side of the table, he started to work out his idea of how to hustle the casinos. He met a well known cheater, Joe Classon who became Marcus mentor and now when he was armed with experience from both sides of the table he knew how it could be done.Marcus re-invented an old cheating technique which he called “The Savannah”.

How “The Savannah” Worked

“The Savanna” is just one simple but very hard move to pull off at a roulette table but it made Marcus to an first class cheat. Marcus technique involved betting on various numbers with smaller amount of chips such as three 5$ on top of each other. These small bets wouldn´t attract any attention from the croupiers.If Marcus hit his number he became very excited, screaming and cheering with his hands in the air. At that time the dealer would probably wonder why a player got that excited over hitting a 15$ bet. MArcus would then tell the dealer that there infact where a brown 500$ chip underneath the three 5$ chips and when the dealer lifts the top three, he would in fact see that it was true.Now to the cheating part, if Marcus number didn´t hit he would quickly remove the 500$ from the bottom of the stack when the dealer was turn to the roulette wheel and he hade only lost 15$. Marcus arranged the chips so that the smaller ones where pushed just slightly forward to cover up the larger one and create the perfect illusion for the dealer. In this way the dealer never saw the 500$ chip, unless Marcus didn´t want him to ofcourse.As we wrote before Marcus just re-invented this trick as it was a know cheat to the casinos. What made Marcus method so innovative was that he performed it backwards. All cheaters who had tried this before had posted a small bet and if they won they would try to add more chips. What Marcus did was to bet big and then change it to small if he lost and this the casinos had never seen before and thats why they wheren´t looking for it and the security was only trained to look at the wins. Marcus wins was always completely legitimate. When he where at the top of his game he was dropping 5.000$ chips under 100$ ones.

Legal Actions against Richard Marcus

As most of all cheaters Richard Marcus was eventually caught and prosecuted. He had won over 5 million $ on his amazing cheat from casinos all over the world.

What does Richard Marcus do today

Today Marcus sells gambling book over his website and he also claims that he is still involved in casino cheating but in a perfect way that never could be caught…
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