There are many ways for one to be a responsible player when it comes to online casino games. Some being as simple as “You shouldn’t play if you are stressed or upset”. You just have to know your limits and how to play like a responsible adult.

Responsible Players Should:

  1. Never chase your losses even in confidence of winning.
  2. Never gamble with money you cannot afford to lose.
  3. Always keep track of your money and set a limit on how much you can spend.
  4. You shouldn’t play if you are stressed or upset.
  5. Only gamble for reasonable amounts of time.


Please be sure to make sure you or anyone you may know plays responsibly while gambling. You can also view the following article ‘How to Tell if Someone is a Problem Gambler’. This article will explain to you everything you need to know about gambling safely.

Underage gambling is a big issue today. However, Many casinos have a strict age limit of 18 to play many of their games. This age restriction may vary by each country and it’s particular law. At we have +18 rules for gambling. Always make sure there are no minors in your household involved in gambling activities. To do this you will need child protection software installed on your child/household’s personal computer to be sure no child will come across any restricted gaming web sites.

If you or someone you know has a current gambling problem, there is always help available to you. No-one should ever have to go alone with such issues.

There are many facilities all over the world today who are able to help you get over your gambling problems. Below I will supply you with a short list of those we think most important. If you have a website or know of one that could be added to this list to help people with gambling problems please feel free to send us a link and your reason for believing this website could help. You can send us this link from our ‘contact page’ page.

The following information was made to help people with gambling problems!

GamblersAnonymous – International Service Office, This is the official website for Gamblers Anonymous. They can help you get over your or anyone you may know’s gambling issues.

GambleAware – Gamble Aware aims to provide you with the facts about gambling in an accessible manner. They promote responsible gambling only, and support initiatives that will help you to prevent gambling from becoming a problem.

UK Gamecare –  British gambling help organisation.