Online Casino Addiction

Compulsive gambling or gambling addiction is a type of impulse-control disorder, which is more prevalent these days as online gambling casino has made its way to the homes of people who have computer and internet connection. Addicts cannot satiate their impulse to gamble even if they’re aware that what they’re doing is already hurting their jobs, their families, and themselves. No matter what or how big the consequences they know they’ll face in the end, all they can do and think about is gambling. Compulsive gamblers gamble no matter how they feel. They resort to playing casino games whether they’re broke, depressed, happy, or excited.


If you’re a compulsive gambler and if you want to get your life back, here’s how you can handle your casino addiction:

1. The first step is to admit that you have a problem. The sooner you admit that you’re an online casino addict, the better. When you know you have a problem, that’s the only time that you can ask for help. Reach out to those people who understand what you’re going through and who can provide you with much-needed guidance and assistance.

2. Take advantage of cognitive-behavioral therapy. This can help gambling addicts as it focuses on modifying unhealthy gambling thoughts and behavior such as false beliefs and rationalizations. Through this, you’ll know how to fight gambling urges and you’ll know the best way to deal with uncomfortable emotions rather than escaping by betting on online games. This therapy can also help you slowly solve your financial problems as well as problems with your relationships and work caused by the addiction.

3. Truth be told, quitting gambling is relatively easy but staying in recovery and committing to stay away from it is the real challenge. A lot of people who have gone through several therapy sessions found themselves gambling again after just a couple of weeks or months. It would help that after you quit this vice, you surround yourself with people you love and those people that you’re accountable for. Temporarily give up control of your finances and of course, avoid tempting environment. Stay away from your computer until you’re 100% confident that you can fight the urge to gamble again.

4. Self-control. If while in recovery you found yourself thinking about going online and playing casino over the internet, stop and call somebody. Quickly remind yourself about the consequences that you’re going to face and look for diversion. Run, watch a movie, or spend time with your friends and family members.

5. Stay busy. You can avoid thinking about gambling if you’re pre-occupied. Write down your free time and schedule fun activities that you can do with your friends or loved ones. Plan out-of-town trips or go to a spa where you’ll be pampered and where you’ll feel more relaxed.

Don’t get me wrong, online gambling isn’t bad. In fact, it can be an enjoyable way to get entertained and to earn money from time to time. But if it starts to affect