Norwegian Winner of Jackpot at Mega Fortune

Norwegian Winner of Jackpot at Mega Fortune

Norwegian Winner of Jackpot at Mega Fortune Someone got a good start of the new year and one of the luckiest was a 20-years old Norwegian guy who won the MIDI jackpot at Mega Fortune. The Winner hit the right combination on the bonus wheel on the 2nd of January and once again it was a casino player from Norway. He Won 1.6 Million NOK from the MIDI jackpot and we got a short interview with the happy winner.

Interview with Norwegian Winner of Jackpot at Mega Fortune

Congratulations to your win! Tell us a little about what happened?

– It´s insane. I was just testing my luck while my wife slept on the couch and suddenly she woke to full joy laughed the happy winner from Buskerud in Norway.

What are you gonna do with the money?

– I’m trying to build a house and it has taken a very long time, so now the house will be finished, says the winner of 1.6 million Norwegian kroner.

– No other plans?

– My family has never been in the South, so around Easter we will definitely have a week in the warmer regions. That we deserve and added:– To start the year as a millionaire was fun, I have not thought of that. But it was a wonderful start to 2013 and completely raw, laughed the winner.

What did you do after the win?

There was very little sleep the night of Thursday and my wife just went around, waiting for him to say “that he was just kidding.”We congratulate the new big bigger very much and wish them good trip and good luck with the new house!

More Record Jackpots at Mega Fortune

We have got a new norwegian big winner at the Mega Fortune video slot but we still have the incredible MEGA Jackpot on this record video slot of over 15 Million euros without a winner. This is over 20 million more than the latest world record of around 13 Million euros who was won by a norwegian casino players last year.– It’s fun to start 2013 with wins and happiness at Betsson Casino and Mega Fortune, so we hope that soon we can congratulate another big win, says our Norway Boss, Paul Myklebust.The last record jackpot win of 13 million euros is not only a record win for a norwegian casino player, the win has also got a place in the Guinness Book of Records. But it lives a little dangerous now as the current jackpot is just rising and rising.Would you like to try to set a new world record, you should test your luck on Mega Fortune at Betsson Casino. We will give you 300% deposit bonus and all Swedish and norwegian casino players will get 5 free spins every day until we have a new world record!Betsson Casino Bonus
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