Nevada Approves Online Poker License

Nevada Approves Online Poker License

Nevada Approves First Online Poker Affiliate License Application!


The US State of Nevada has this week approved the affiliate licensing application of a US marketing company that will act as an online poker advertiser once internet poker will be launched in the state.

The first company in Nevada that had its marketing license application approved is Poker Trip Enterprises Inc. The venture is based in Las Vegas and has until this moment advised US players regarding American land-based casinos and poker rooms.

The approval of the application does not automatically mean that the company will be awarded with a license. Representatives of the venture will have to meet with the Nevada Gaming Commission on September 20th for an additional hearing when the actual license will be awarded.

It’s very likely that the venture will receive the license because it appears that it has no negative background in the US market such as participating in illegal online gambling activities or collaborating with illegal gambling companies.

CEO of the company Jon Friedberg explained that his venture will be more than qualified to help Nevadan players find the best online poker rooms based on the venture’s extensive experience in the land-based online poker and casino market.

Nevada Gaming Control Board Chairman Mark Lipparelli has pointed out that all gambling marketing companies (also called affiliates) will have to apply for a marketing license in the state of Nevada of they wish to promote online poker rooms to Nevadan players.

This provision is present in the online poker legalization law that was adopted in the state just recently. The wording of the law is a bit awkward giving the impression that only those marketing companies that operate on a revenue share model will be required to apply for a license.

This might give the impression that those who are operating under a fixed fee per registered player program are exempted from this rule. At this moment this detail is not really certain, at least until the moment more marketing companies apply for a license.

Regarding online poker in Nevada, state representatives announced earlier this month that they might launch real money internet poker by the end of this year. It’s assumed that Nevada won’t launch real money online poker at least until the presidential elections are over this November.

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