Microgaming Launches Arcade Game

Microgaming Launches Arcade Game


The online casino software provider Microgaming has stamped its position as the leading innovator in the industry by launching the first real arcade game. Max Damage and the Alien Attack is not the fixed odds or instant win game that often goes under the classification of arcade games. It belongs to the genre of arcade games that are totally interactive and involve physical dexterity along with mental alertness. It is based on popular retro arcade games series Max Damage. Right from the introductory video clip the Max Damage and the Alien Attack arcade game is characterized by premium graphics, high quality sound effects and top level gaming power.

Max Damage is a space ship shooting game, where the player controls a spaceship and fires at and destroys attacking alien ships ahead using the designated keyboard buttons. The players begin with six lives. If an alien ship sneaks past the player then a life is lost. But there are several benefits as well. Boosters are awarded that enhance life, health, shield and damage. Weapon upgrades that increase the player’s fire power are also available. The Freebies offer huge payouts. When players collect blockades, nukes, wormholes, free missiles and laser boosters they stand to win 40,000 coins. This is in addition to the up to 10,000 coins that can be won for destroying an alien ship and up to 110,000 coins that can be won for killing the alien boss at the end of designated rounds. The payouts are randomly awarded up to the maximum limits specified.

The game consists of nine levels, which means that there will be nine attacks from the aliens one after another. Players have to defend the earth by successfully completing all nine levels. Once all enemies are vanquished in one level the player moves onto the next level. In the higher levels enemy alien ships will either fly closer to the player’s ship randomly or in formations and can shoot at or collide into the player’s ship.

Microgaming Max Damage and the Alien Attack also features a top scores leader board. This display the top player scores as well as the dates and ranking of different player’s achievements. Thus the competitive interest in the arcade game is enhanced since every player at Microgaming online casinos will want his name on the leader board. The top scorers get a place on the leader board if they complete level 9 or are successful in killing the last boss.

Roger Raatgever, CEO of Microgaming, stated in a press release, “Max Damage and the Alien Attack is a radical departure from the conventional slot format and we’re very excited about the potential for this new arcade-style game.” He pointed out that Max Damage is the first in a series of arcade-style games to be released by Microgaming.

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