Lucky Swedish couple wins jackpot

Lucky Swedish couple wins jackpot


Big Casino Jackpot Won In Sweden

A married Swedish couple became millionaires when they won the jackpot on a slot machine at Casino Cosmopol in Stockholm, Sweden. But it is really the story behind it that makes everything interesting and funny.

The husband, that is now 33,8 million SEK (about 4,65 million US dollars) richer, had decided to become the one that won the slot machine eMillions multimillion jackpot. The married couple are regular visitors to the casino in the Swedish capital, but even though the husband wanted to win the jackpot he never did.

When he, around 11 in the evening, stepped outside to pay the parking for a few more hours he let his wife take over the slot machine. When he got back inside his wife had already won 33,8 million SEK.

”They haven’t decide what they will do with the money, but he said that relatives will get a share. It is a common answer you get from winners, said Nina Ehnhage, head of informations at Casino Cosmopol.

The last time a big win happened at Casino Cosmopol was when two young men, who played the same slot machine, had the luck to win 18 million SEK. They did right away withdraw 9000 SEK to go out and party. A fun fact from that night is that the man from the couple had played on that slot machine, but did just miss the jackpot that time.

Another person that is happy right now is a man from San Diego, USA. He is right now enjoying a life as a millionaire after winning 1 051 007 million dollars playing the Wheel of Fortune MegaJackpot prog at Barona Resort & Casino.

The longtime Club Barona member, who asked to remain anonymous, was shocked and excited by his good fortune. He hugged and shook hands with Barona’s staff while other players gathered around him and the winning machine to cheer, give high-fives and watch the fun and excitement.

“This was a great Barona moment for a loyal player and we know he will enjoy his winnings,” said Rick Salinas, general manager of Barona Resort & Casino to Marketwire. “Huge jackpots like these bring another level of excitement and energy to the casino floor.”

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