Italian Sports Betting

Italian Sports Betting

Italian Sports Betting Achieves Record Numbers During the Olympics


New statistics released in Italy show that during the 2012 London Olympics the overall betting turnover of the country increased with 83% compared to the results of the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

During the 2012 Olympics Italian sports betting enthusiasts have bet a total of EUR 42.1 million. This sum is an increase of 83% compared to the betting turnover registered during the 2008 Beijing Olympics when Italians have bet a sum of EUR 23 million.

This sum was achieved both through online and offline betting. Offline sports betting registered a turnover of EUR 22.8 million representing 53% of the total turnover, while online betting registered a turnover of EUR 19.7 million.

The most popular sport during the Olympics was naturally football, a sport that is extremely popular in Italy. A total amount of EUR 13.6 million was bet on football events representing 32% of the total turnover during the Olympics.

The next most popular sport was volleyball with bets of EUR 9.9 million, representing 23% of the total amount of bets Italian players have placed during the Olympics. This was followed by basketball with a sum of EUR 5.3 million and water polo with EUR 1.9 million in bets.

Looking at the data it can be concluded that the large increase in sports betting turnover compared to the previous Olympics can be attributed to the legalizations of internet gambling and sports betting in the country.

At this moment online sports betting in Italy is almost the same size as offline sports betting. Trends show that in the near future online sports betting will take over the lead and establish a clear advantage over its offline counterpart.

Italy is a recently regulated online gambling market. The novelty of the market is reflected by the fact that many important online gambling segments are not yet regulated in the country. However, the Italian online gambling regulatory process will finally come to an end this year.

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