How people spend their lottery and casino jackpot winnings

How people spend their lottery and casino jackpot winnings

With over 3000 lottery and casino jackpots spred allover UK we can now get a decent view of how people spend their lottery and casino jackpot winnings. To some people this might be very fun but also interesting to read. Lets just say that we had no idea that some of these things would be the first thing that lottery millionaires spent their new fortune at.
We know that there are many of you guys out there that have asked the same question at a party, dinner, family reunion or on a dejt, What would you have done with the money if you won a casino jackpot or a lottery ? We can now tell you the answer at least if you look at the statistics.

The first thing that many of you would say is that you would give up your work if you win a jackpot. The truth is that one out of five will keep their job after a jackpot or million dollar lottery win. What is more popular is to do voluntary work and that is something that one out of three did after their lottery win.How people spend their lottery and casino jackpot winnings

Where the millions went

Remember that this is only what statistics over 3000 different million dollar winners have spent their winnings but you will still get a great view of how people like to spread their money.

One thing that may we got surprised about was that only one out of ten bought themself a new car. This was a number that that we expected to be higher.

That one out of three bought themself a hot tub or a Jacuzzi is something that we found very odd. A Jacuzzi in your home seems to be one of the new high class stuff to have in your home especially as a millionaire.

Of course many of the new millionaires went for a well deserved holiday and 68% out of these people treated themself with a five-star accommodation.

80 % of our jackpot winners buys a new home. 28% out of these have a walk in closet, 22% have a game room in their new house and 20% put up or buys a house with electric gates.

15% of our winners have started their own business. All these businesses together has around 3200 employes which is amazing.

Positive effect from jackpot wins

A study by experts at Oxford shows that 98 % of the money our new millionaires spent, they spent within the UK. As a result of this each winners spendings would keep six peoples ful time jobs for one year.

All the winners also spent all together 1.17 Billion dollars on their loved ones which in the end has created 3780 more millionaires..

How people spend their lottery and casino jackpot winnings

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