Credit Cards

It’s hard to find a Online Casino that won’t accept credit cards as a payment option. While the major card providers like VISA and MasterCard always being available it is not uncommon to find more local solutions like UK card Solo. Most casinos don’t mind that players use credit cards but the player himself might find that this method is actually not the best option. Buying credits for Online Gambling is not evaluated by the credit card issuer as buying a pair of shoes or even a summer vacation. The online gambling business is considered a “risky” one and to let a person use his credit for such things is just more than what most of the credit card companies want to deal with. Sometimes your card might not work at all for making a deposit and sometimes problems could arise only later into the gaming. Casinos are well aware of this issue and they do advice their players to try and choose a different method for a smoother Online Gambling experience.


The new solution that has made it easier for the players with problems using their credit cards for online gambling, is called an e-wallet. There are different types of e-wallets but they do have in common that they are more or less like an online bank account into which a player can deposit money to. To deposit money into these accounts, the credit card can be used without any problems. Once the money is in the online e-wallet account further transfers can be made to your favorite casino. You might think this sound like a hassle as it certainly adds an extra step on the way to the deposit, but there are many advantages to these systems. First of all you get to decide how much and on what you like to spend your money without any interference from your credit card company. As long as you have money in your e-wallet account the deposit can be made to the casino. Another good thing about an e-wallet is that it gives a good overview of just how much you are spending on your gambling.

Bank Transfers

There are some different types of direct transfers between the player’s account and the Online Casino and some of them are quite convenient to both. Wire Transfer is one well known option where the player simply issues a transfer from his account to the casino account. While this is a very safe method it can sometimes come with extra costs and some casinos only offer this method for withdrawal. To some big gamblers the extra cost might be worth it since this type of transfer can be made very fast and when making a bet online it could be crucial to be on time with the deposit. Wire Transfer is also safe when it comes to preventing spending too much money as you can only transfer available funds in the bank account to the Casino account.

Casinoplacard have listed some of the safest, fastest and best payment providers in the world, for you to decide which one you would like to use to get going on your favorite Online Casino. Good luck and enjoy!

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