Dominic LoRiggio number 6 of Gamblers who Hustled a Casino

Dominic LoRiggio number 6 of Gamblers who Hustled a Casino

Dominic LoRiggio number 7 of Gamblers who Hustled a CasinoThis man, Dominic LoRiggio, also known as “the Dominator” or “The Man With The Golden Arm” in gambling circles. He has made a huge impact in the casino craps game with his dice control and golden touch.

What did Dominic LoRiggio do?

After many years of practice, hours every day Dominic learned how to control the dices to get the rolls you need in craps. This can be known as “controlled shooting”. With this tecknique he could get a specific roll when he needed it.

He used a method where you set the dices in a certain way, gripping them precisely, tossing them in a exact way to make them stay together and then get them to land as gentle as possible against the back wall of the craps table. He educated an whole team of “controlling shooters” and they called themselves Rosebud. They attacked casinos on the strip in Las Vegas with their specialized way of shooting.
There have always been and will always be people that thinks that controlled shooting is impossible but Dominic LoRiggio still says that he is able to do so through simple techniques.

How did it end up?

After a couple of years Dominic LoRiggio left the group as they started to deals outside of the legal casinos. He thought that this was stoping him from doing serious money. Instead he teamed up with a well known gambler and writer, Frank Scoblete. They later claimed that they won thousands of dollars by using their controlled shooting tecknique at various casinos in USA.

Legal Actions agains Dominic LoRiggio

Nothing that Dominic LogRiggio has ever done is illegal but thanks to him the casinos nowadays forces the players to shoot the dices using different mechanics.

What does Dominic LoRiggio do today

“The Dominator” have written several books about craps and Black Jack. His most recent book, co-authored with his partner Frank Scoblete, is called the Casino Craps: Shoot to Win!
Dominic LoRiggio has been featured on several television shows and his life story was told in the History Channels “The Dice Dominator”.

Together with his partner Frank Scoblete, the Dominator holds gambling seminars and he also teaches players how to win at poker, both on the Internet and in the casinos. Dominic has finished in the final table in 20 percent of the over 200 hundred tournaments he has played.

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