Bwin Party In Court

Bwin Party In Court


Bwin Party Loses Four Year Old Case in Argentinian Court

About four years ago Bwin Casino, one of the constituent companies of today’s digital entertainment challenged the Argentinian government’s decision to establish an online gambling monopoly. Today a court ruled in the favor of the government.

The case started in 2007 when bwin managed to acquire an online gambling license in the Argentinian state of Misiones. This license in practice allowed the company to operate and advertise its services in the whole country.

In 2008 the government-run online gambling business Loteria Nacional decided to attack bwin’s expansion and made a case to the government. After this, the government decided that only the state-owned online gambling monopoly is allowed to offer online gambling services in the country.

Shortly after, bwin has filled for a case trying to repel the legislation adopted by the government. The company was on the losing side right from the beginning but despite this the case took around four years to finalize.

In the meantime, bwin (today bwin.patry) continued to offer online gambling services to Argentinian players. With this it effectively broke the actual legislation worsening its situation and position during the trials.

Today an Argentinian court has ruled against the operator and forced it to cease all online gambling services on the territory of Argentina with the exception of the state of Misiones. This effectively kills the venture’s Argentinian operations since operating in a state alone will not be cost-effective.

Based the decision taken, along ceasing all services and advertisement in the mainstream media, as well as the state of Misiones will have to pay the substantial legal fees associated with the four years long case. is an online gambling operator that is known to have launched several legal challenges against multiple states that oppose the liberalization of online gambling. Recently the venture lost a legal case against the government of Belgium that has blacklisted all of’s brands.

About two weeks ago also submitted a legal challenge against the German state of Schleswig-Holstein because the state had continued to delay the issuing of an online gambling license to the company.

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