Bwin Party Considered Taking Over Full Tilt

Bwin Party Considered Taking Over Full Tilt

Bwin Party Admits Having Considered Taking Over Full Tilt


Renowned European online gambling company digital entertainment has admitted that at some point it had considered making a bid for taking over Full Tilt Poker but the idea was dropped because it was considered to be too difficult to execute.

Not so long ago bwin party has unveiled its H1 2012 financial statistics where it also released its new plan to re-launch the declining Party Poker under a new software platform and gaming client sometimes in 2013. At the same time, co-CEO Jim Ryan also said that his venture considered taking over Full Tilt at some point.

Jim Ryan admitted that shortly after Full Tilt Poker’s assets have been unlocked and put for sale, his venture has considered making a bit for its takeover from the US DoJ. The idea was in the end dropped for multiple reasons, including existing the troubles with merging bwin and PartyGaming and the possible difficulties that would arise from dealing with the US DoJ.

Ryan also added that not so long ago (before the PokerStars deal was finished) his venture was again invited by the DoJ to take a look at Full Tilt’s assets and make a bid., on the other hand, declined the invitation and dropped the idea of the takeover.

Co-CEO Jim Ryan said that:
“We did in fact take a look at it [the idea to take over Full Tilt Poker]. We looked at it in the early phases of the asset becoming available, and not that long ago we were re-invited to come back and take a look at the asset. Our assessment was it was too complicated to execute.”

He further added that he is happy that in the end Full Tilt Poker ended up in such reputable hands. He congratulated PokerStars for managing to pull off this very difficult deal which will in the end culminate with all former Full Tilt Poker players recovering their currently locked player money.

He then went on to comment on the future of his own business and especially its flagship brand, Party Poker. As explained in earlier news a few days ago, Party Poker intends to re-launch under new software platform next year. This decision has been triggered by the fact that during the past months the player base of the renowned poker site has declined dramatically.

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