With a mission to make it possible for players to find online casinos after any given criteria and a dedication to build the best service for our users where casino rankings will always be user and data driven and can never be bought.

We wanted to create a data driven casino index that makes it easy to find casino’s after any given factor and that is what we have done. In lightning speed casinoplacard can give you an list of casinos after given factor.
Every typ of list on Casinoplacard are driven by data and are generated in real time upon request. In this way we always serve relevant information.
On top of our data driven index we have applied a user driven algorithm to rank casinos and bonuses / promotions to make sure that what is populate among our users always are presented in the top view every time a user request a new list / rank.
For us, your feedback is very important  and we love to hear what you have to say, both good and bad. Send us an email and say Hi, hello@casinoplacard.com